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Whether you own or are purchasing a house, don't wait to find out what condition the house's systems & components are in. Chances are you've either already made a large investment or you're about to, and if you didn't have the house inspected first, you may have to dig further into your pocket.

No one likes surprises. That's why an inspection is intended to tell you the condition of the house and property, and reduce your risk. It is possible that we may dispel your beliefs about the condition of the house and property. If this is not the case, and we confirm your beliefs about its condition, then you can take comfort in knowing that too.

We provide home inspection services throughout the DFW Metroplex, Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas.

Home Works Inspection Co. is a professional inspection company specializing in residential properties in the Greater Dallas / Ft. Worth and surrounding communities.

We will work for you as an experienced third party non-bias professional looking out for your best interest. We can help remove some of the stress and anxiety of the home buying process by exposing defects and other conditions prior to closing, when there is still time to handle these matters. A home inspection by a Home Works highly trained and impartial Professionals can help reduce or bring to your attention unanticipated expenses during the first few years of home ownership. We feel that a home inspection helps the buyer make a more informed decision on the purchase of their new home. Purchasing a home is a major decision and a home inspection makes you a smart, wiser and informed Buyer.

  • We believe in maintaining a perpetual state of education. Our inspectors are required to attend continuing education classes on an ongoing basis to stay current in an ever-changing industry.
  • We use technology to enhance both the inspection process and the report. Our inspectors are equipped with state-of-the-art tools such as laptop computers, digital cameras, and color printers.
  • Our proprietary software allows us to produce a clear, concise and informative report and do it on-site!
  • We pride ourselves on being neat, timely, thorough and accurate inspectors with the ability to communicate effectively with our clients.

In addition to being licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission, our Inspectors are also licensed by the Structural Pest Control Board of Texas to perform the Official Texas Destroying Insect Report known as a "WDI Report".

Home Works Inspection Co. represents buyers, sellers, builders, and real estate professionals, including agents, brokers, relocation specialists, lenders, title companies, attorneys and insurers.

Our Home Inspection Services

Pre-Purchase Inspection
This report covers all facets of the inspection. This includes the exterior, including grading and paving; structural components, including framing and the foundation; heating; electrical; plumbing; air conditioning; energy related items and miscellaneous items such as in-ground sprinkler system, central alarm system, wood deck, in-ground swimming pool, etc. With this information, the home buyer is in a better position to make a knowledgeable decision about the purchase of the home.

The inspection encompasses the entire building including the major components of Structure, Plumbing, Electrical, and Heating systems. The inspection report details the existing conditions, materials used in the construction or mechanical areas, recommendations for maintenance and upkeep. Items are visually examined during the evaluation of accessible areas.

Home Works has developed a special 1-year and 2-year warranty inspection program that is designed to help you catch the hidden problems that may exist in your new home before your warranty expires. Our comprehensive typewritten report has color digital photos, as well as a list of necessary repairs. Our inspection can easily pay for itself by saving you future out-of-pocket repairs.

Many defects can affect your family’s health and safety, not to mention your pocketbook and the long term condition of your home. By hiring Home Works to inspect your new home during its construction, you are sending a message to your builder that you expect quality workmanship and intend to hold them to the highest standards possible. Having an inspection during the construction of your new home also allows us to inspect inside the walls and other areas that can’t be seen in a finished house.

WDI (Termite)
A "Wood Destroying Insect Infestation" (WDI) Inspection is performed to identify past or current infestation. Wood destroying insects include termites, carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and reinfesting wood boring beetles.

Home Works offers special inspections on a case by case basis to professionally inspect, evaluate and make recommendations to home owners.

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